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Import user data from your personnel system to drive user account creation in HelloID and other connected systems with Tools4ever's Identity Access Manager (IAM) solution.

IAM Software Overview

This video highlights the key features and benefits of provisioning in Tool4ever's Identity & Access Management software (IAM).

Single Sign-On

Give users access to their cloud applications with a single username and password using industry-standard SSO protocols.

QR Code Login & Chromebook Integration

End users can log into HelloID just by using a QR code on their badge. This is great for younger students, or users who have trouble with complex passwords. This can be done from the Chromebook login screen, or from any device with a web-enabled camera.

HelloID Single Sign-On Demonstration

In this video, we will demonstrate how HelloID provides a single portal to all of your SSO-enabled applications.

Service Automation & Self Service

Empower users to request products and services directly from the resource owner. Reduce help desk calls by letting users reset their own password.

Self-Service User Experience

See what it looks like for end users to request organizational resources through the HelloID User Dashboard.

Manager-Driven Account Creation

With HelloID, managers can request new accounts for their employees through the HelloID User Dashboard.

SSRPM Chromebook Integration

See how Chromebook users can reset their passwords through the Self Service Reset Password Manager console, right from their login screen!

SSRPM Enrollment Process

Enrollment into SSRPM is quick and easy. End users answer a few configurable challenge questions, and that's it!

SSRPM Password Reset Process

When users forget their password, they don't need to call the help desk. Once they answer a few challenge questions, they can reset it on their own!

New User Onboarding

Communicating account credentials to new users has always been a nightmare. SSRPM's onboarding module makes this a secure and easy process.

Data Management

The NTFS file system has always been a source of headaches for system administrators. Tools4ever's data management solutions help make sense of unstructured data, and help with employing permission assignment best practices.

ERAM General Overview

This video provides an overview of the Enterprise Resource Authorization Manager product.

Active / Stale Data Analysis

The Active / Stale Data Analysis report gives you insight into the activity level of the files on your network. It will show you which files and folders have been accessed, and how often.

Data Ownership Analysis

The Data Ownership Analysis report helps you find the data owner of a selected folder by analyzing who is accessing the contents of a folder, and seeing who is in charge of those users.

Explicit Permissions Analysis

The Explicit Permissions Analysis report helps you find permissions that are not being set according to best practices in your file system.

Group Application Analysis

The Group Application Analysis report helps find improper permissions in your file system that have been given to groups.

Over Permissioning Analysis

The Over Permissioning Analysis report helps you find users within your organization that have more access in your file system than they need.

Group Explorer

The Group Explorer report gives you insight into your Active Directory groups and their memberships.

Excluded Accounts Management

The Excluded Accounts Management utility allows you to maintain the list of special accounts and groups that are excluded, by default, from other ERAM reports.

Reporting Features

This video presents an overview of reporting features that are available throughout all ERAM reports.

ERAM Dashboard

The ERAM Dashboard is a report that allows the system administrator to see that ERAM is doing its job and monitoring the file system.